Byton smart car

Byton smart car: world’s first smart intuitive vehicle is here

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Byton Car Company:

The world is moving towards connected mobility and autonomous driving. The cars are increasingly converting into smarter devices. On the same thinking, a new startup called Byton automobiles is pushing the boundaries of the automotive world. The company unveiled its newest car called Byton Smart Car Concept at CES 2018.

Byton smart car top view
Byton smart car top view

Byton Automobiles: New philosophy, New era

The company is based on the fundamental concept of changing the car into a smart device. The thinking is simple. But, getting it to reality is rather difficult. As a start-up, the company has adopted an open-minded attitude. This attitude supports open thinking with new possibilities and challenges. In life, every challenge is an opportunity which you can then convert into a business idea.

Changing the car into a smart device also requires knowledge of both the worlds. One part is handled by automotive engineers while the other part is handled by computer experts. Both working together gives dramatic results and that is what happens to Byton Automobiles.

The automotive industry is undergoing a dramatic change. As a result, the cars become increasingly electric and autonomous. The next revolution is of the connected cars and Bayton is moving ahead with that vision in mind. So, the future cars will not be evaluated on performance alone but also on the technology and connectivity.

Byton Smart Car Concept Design:

The company revealed a new class in the SUV segment. The new class is called the Smart Intuitive Vehicle (SIV). The car looks like an SUV but it is more intelligent and smart. The exteriors strikingly interpret expressive proportions while reminding connectivity and intelligence.

Byton smart car headlights
Byton smart car headlights

The sloping roofline and masculine built give more appeal than ever before. There are no door handles. Besides, hiding the antennas gives the car more classy look and shape.

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