BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02: Modern, Urban e-mobility.

BMW Motorrad concept CE 02

Concept 02: Fresh air in urban electric mobility from BMW Motorrad

BMW recently unveiled the BMW Motorrad concept CE 02 in IAA Mobility 2021. Concept CE 02 is a new explication of urban and smart electric mobility. Therefore, it is a concept mobility solution. It is neither a motorcycle nor a scooter. Instead, it is a new exciting and fun mobility solution for going from point A to B.

concept CE 02
concept CE 02

Furthermore, Concept CE 02 has an emotional expression of its own. When we look at the concept, it has no resemblance to any typical BMW Motorrad design. On the contrary, the entire design is new and fresh. BMW Motorrad has proven its capabilities with concept design. Take the example of BMW Motorrad concept Nine Cento. It has a ground-breaking design. This time, on the same line, with Concept CE 02, the designers take design to a whole new level.

We want to achive a new level of design innovation never seen before at this level. The pure riding fun, the straight forward use and the emotional component plays crucial role in design.

Edgar Heinrich, Head Of Design, BMW Motorrad.

In addition, the BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 features modern and dynamic forms along with new proportions. As a result, the CE 02 perfectly fits in line with modern forms of single-track mobility in a perfect urban setup.

The Design

The modern, youthful proportions along with compact dimensions make Concept CE 02 more appealing. This new dimension in design appeals to new target groups aged 16 and over. The target group at this age had never ridden any motorcycle but is open to new experiences. In addition, it is more inclined to use innovative technology. Interestingly the young generation is more interested in combining mobility and fun.

concept CE 02 design
concept CE 02 design

Furthermore, the CE 02 has a novel character of its own. It is one of the most easily accessible two-wheelers. It is a reliable companion for everyday use. Even if you mistreat it, it will never let you down. It is always there for you, and it works. You can customize it with stickers, tapes, and other materials. So, anyone can identify to whom it belongs. The design itself highlights a carefree spirit and youthful freedom.

In addition, the transparent and straightforward proportions give an aesthetic and emotional appeal. The design blends itself with honesty. The large wheels highlight the fun riding nature and robustness. The compact nature of the body comes from a dark area of two battery units and silver accentuations on the drive. In the rear, the long narrow seat and the frame round-off create a uniqueness of their own.

The new beginning to BMW Motorrad

The BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 has confidence-inspiring riding dynamics. The low center of gravity and flat vehicle body enhances riding dynamics to a great extent. The large disk wheels and low seat height provide significant proportions and agility. The CE 02 looks inviting to even non-motorcyclists.

Furthermore, the CE 02 features a continuous flat seat. This seat opens up the possibility of taking numerous sitting positions, even with a pillion. The electric drive removes the necessity of foot brakes. Furthermore, the space between the seat and frame acts as a storage space. The cross elastic bands on the seat also enable tucking in small items on the go. You can also attach your skateboard to the footrest. So, your skateboard becomes your footrest.

Presion Detailing

You can see high-quality detailing along with excellent refinement when you take a closer look. The four distinctive headlight elements create a front headlight. The tail light consists of two small LED elements on both sides at the rear. In addition, a single-sided swingarm along with a disc, the drive belt, fork, and handlebars express the urban character of the motorcycle.

CE 02 Rear Lights
CE 02 Rear Lights

Colour Code

The BMW Motorrad CE 02 highlights an excellent color combination with black and silver as the base colors. In addition, the interchange of matt and high gloss surfaces adds to the overall expression of the concept. Furthermore, the silver color of the triple clamp and drive are distinctive. The petrol-colored and the white color of the graphics are predominantly expressive of their own. The technoid typography and integration of the BMW emblem on handlebars are unique. Additionally, the rider can change the visualization to its test by using stickers and tape.

Urban Riding Gear and Print On Protection

The new and innovative rider equipment matches perfectly to ride and concept CE 02. Furthermore, the whole range of clothing is functional and fashionable at the same time. The use of modern processing techniques and innovative materials opens up new possibilities. Both the jackets highlight the typographic style of the vehicle.

Furthermore, both rider equipment features protection in the form of a graphic statement. The new technique allows 3D printing of protection functions on gear. This new volume-forming material integrates with the jacket seamlessly. In addition, this material is impact absorbing and abrasion-resistant.

BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02: Performance

The total weight of the vehicle is just 120kg. So, it’s a lightweight vehicle perfectly suitable for an urban environment. The 11kW output provides fast acceleration. It can achieve a top speed of 90km/h. Also, the total range in a single charge of the CE 02 is 90km. The seat height is 730mm and hence, suitable for short riders as well.

In conclusion, BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 brings a new design that breaks the tradition. The unique design and functionality of the CE 02 will surely grab the attention of the youth and mark the start of a new era.

Watch BMW Motorrad CE 02 in action:

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