BMW Motorrad concept CE 02

BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02: Modern, Urban e-mobility.

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Concept 02: Fresh air in urban electric mobility from BMW Motorrad

BMW recently unveiled the BMW Motorrad concept CE 02 in IAA Mobility 2021. Concept CE 02 is a new explication of urban and smart electric mobility. Therefore, it is a concept mobility solution. It is neither a motorcycle nor a scooter. Instead, it is a new exciting and fun mobility solution for going from point A to B.

concept CE 02
concept CE 02

Furthermore, Concept CE 02 has an emotional expression of its own. When we look at the concept, it has no resemblance to any typical BMW Motorrad design. On the contrary, the entire design is new and fresh. BMW Motorrad has proven its capabilities with concept design. Take the example of BMW Motorrad concept Nine Cento. It has a ground-breaking design. This time, on the same line, with Concept CE 02, the designers take design to a whole new level.

We want to achive a new level of design innovation never seen before at this level. The pure riding fun, the straight forward use and the emotional component plays crucial role in design.

Edgar Heinrich, Head Of Design, BMW Motorrad.

In addition, the BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 features modern and dynamic forms along with new proportions. As a result, the CE 02 perfectly fits in line with modern forms of single-track mobility in a perfect urban setup.

The Design

The modern, youthful proportions along with compact dimensions make Concept CE 02 more appealing. This new dimension in design appeals to new target groups aged 16 and over. The target group at this age had never ridden any motorcycle but is open to new experiences. In addition, it is more inclined to use innovative technology. Interestingly the young generation is more interested in combining mobility and fun.

concept CE 02 design
concept CE 02 design

Furthermore, the CE 02 has a novel character of its own. It is one of the most easily accessible two-wheelers. It is a reliable companion for everyday use. Even if you mistreat it, it will never let you down. It is always there for you, and it works. You can customize it with stickers, tapes, and other materials. So, anyone can identify to whom it belongs. The design itself highlights a carefree spirit and youthful freedom.

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