BMW i8 …Hybrids redefined!!

The most coveted plug-in hybrid is finally here!

BMW i8 front view
BMW i8 front view

Priced at Rs.2.29 Crores

Some engineering products merely appear in the market while some engineering masterpieces shake the market upside down… BMW i8 is one of them! The German luxury maker BMW has finally launched its most awaited plug-in hybrid sports car BMW i8 in India.


The bi-hearted i8 runs with the help of a turbocharged 3 cylinder Petrol engine of capacity 1499cc and an electric motor. On its own, this engine can produce 231hp @ 5800rpm and has a torque output of 320Nm @3700 rpm. The motor assists this engine by producing 131 hp power and 250Nm of torque. As a result of striking a perfect balance between the two, the vehicle’s fuel economy has reached a mark of 47.45 kmpl (as specified by the manufacturer).

BMW i8 rear view
BMW i8 rear view

On pure electric drive the vehicle can cover a distance of 37km while the combined maximum range is 600 km.


BMW i8 features the most magnificent and futuristic styling elements. The scissor doors and U shaped headlamps and tail lamps are the main attractions. Long wheelbase, short overhangs and wide front of the vehicle aid the bold styling of i8.

Laser Headlamps of BMW i8 (Courtesy- BMW)

The following exterior colour schemes are available:

Sophisto Grey brilliant effect with highlight in BMW i Blue or Frozen Grey metallic

Ionic Silver metallic with highlight in BMW i Blue

Protonic Blue with highlight in Frozen Grey metallic

Crystal White pearl effect with highlight in BMW i Blue or Frozen Grey metallic


i8 is heavily armed with safety features. Some of them are:

Three point seatbelts with belt tensioners

Airbags 8 Nos.

Antilock Braking System (ABS)

Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)

Dynamic Traction Control (DTC)

Where to get your BMW i8?

The i8 is not available at every BMW dealer. To cater the elite customers of this special vehicle, BMW has appointed the following dealers, located mostly in metros, where the ‘i’ dream would turn to reality:

Deutsche Motoren (Mathura Road, New Delhi)

Infinity Cars (Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra)

Navnit Motors (Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra)

KUN Exclusive (EA Mall, Chennai)

Know more about the drive modes of BMW i8:

More information about BMW i8 could be obtained from:

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