BMW Concept i4: A new avatar of Gran Coupe is here

BMW Concept i4

BMW Concept i4: electrify everything

The BMW Group recently unveil the first-ever all-electric Gran Coupe concept. The BMW Concept i4 features new bold styling with impressive power and styling.

BMW Concept i4 Side View
BMW Concept i4 Side View

In addition, The concept shows the electric dimensions of the ultimate driving machine. The new concept has new performance potential with high tech cabin space.

The Design

The BMW Concept has a new dynamic and bold design. The design follows a more modern and confident design language. The blue design elements with perfectly balanced proportions of Gran Coupe stand out from the crowd.

Concept i4 Glass Roof

Furthermore, the new BMW roundel alongwith exclusive styling of wheels highlights modern design language. The front large double kidney grills along with the fastback roofline highlight the essence of the future. In addition, clean contours and slim tail-lights complement the future of design at BMW.

BMW Concept i4 Interiors

BMW Concept i4  Interiors
BMW Concept i4 Interiors

First of all, the concept i4 interiors are minimalistic in nature. The innovative features add to its beauty. Furthermore, the elegant cockpit and curved display add to aesthetics and usability. The luxurious glass crystal control adds to the beauty. The seats with sustainable materials look modern and complement its design.

The Driving and Technology

Driving the new BMW concept i4 is a multi-sensory experience. Furthermore, Full-length panorama glass sunroof inspires a calm environment. In addition, the open and airy interiors create a soothing environment.

So, the creation of Concept i4 is a perfect blend of sustainability and artistry. It also involves meticulous craftsmanship from the beginning.

In addition, the concept vehicle features a single motor with 530 Hp. Besides, this immense power directly correlates to BMW’s modern V8 engine. The 80 kWh battery powers the motor giving an EPA range of 270 miles. Its WLTP range is 373 miles in a single charge.

In conclusion, this concept highlights the future of electric vehicles from BMW. We have no doubt this concept soon becomes reality in the near future.

Image Courtesy: BMW Group

Watch BMW concept i4 in action:

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