BMW boosts ‘Make in India’

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BMW steps up localization & plans 15 new models

The German luxury car maker BMW has announced that now they are using more number of components made locally in India for assembling BMW vehicles. The company has increased the percentage of localization of parts from 20% to 50%. Use of a high percentage of locally developed parts will certainly impart the much needed cost advantage to BMW over its rivals. In a way, this move has further strengthened the 'Make in India' campaign run by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

To turn this special moment into a memorable one, the manufacturer invited its brand ambassador and legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar to the manufacturing facility in Mahindra World City, Chennai where Sachin fitted some of the locally manufactured parts in a BMW 5 series sedan.

The main parts covered under localization and their respective vendors are as below:

Sr. No.

Part/ Assembly



Engine & Transmission

Force Motors



ZF Hero Chassis


Door panels & Wiring Harness

Draexlmaier India


Exhaust system

Tenneco Automotive India


Heating & Air conditioning system, Cooling module

Valeo India

To maintain the ‘BMW reputation’ of the products, company has taken utmost care to ensure that the products developed locally are no second in any aspect than the imported ones.

As part of the aggressive marketing strategy, BMW is going to launch 15 new models this year in India.

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