Blue car- the electric car hire scheme for London

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Blue car: electric car hire

Ever increasing prices and problems posed by petroleum products such as pollution, global warming have made today’s world look for non-conventional sources of energy for transportation like electricity, Hydrogen ,ethanol etc. Out of all these, electric cars have gained a lot of momentum in the last few years and are now set to become a ‘public figure’ as a medium of public transport on the busy streets of London with blue car!

After adroitly handling a similar venture in Paris, the French industrialist Vincent Bollore has accepted the challenge to implement this revolutionary idea which includes introduction of 3000 electric vehicles to be hired on ‘rental’ basis as well as up-gradation of currently available 1400 vehicle charging terminals and setting up new terminals making a total count of 6000 by the year 2018. The estimated cost of this project sums to nearly 100 million pounds. 100 out of 3000 of what they call ‘Blue Car’ (the name given by Bollore Group to the cars that they manufacture) are expected to be operational by this year end. Anyone above the age of 18 years and having a valid driving license can hire these cars on hourly basis or on monthly subscription. To be attractive on price front, company plans to keep rates as low as £5 per hour or £10 for monthly subscription. To add to the comfort of customers, the option to book the car by using a mobile application is provided. In addition, the manufacturer claims that the vehicles will be accoutred with long lasting batteries which can cover a distance of 250km on charging once making a good bet for urban use.

Blue car Advantages:

Also, there are several other advantages of this scheme like the eco-friendliness. As these vehicles do not rely on fossil fuels like petrol and diesel, they do not contribute to the pollution directly. They aid in improving the quality of air by non emission of hazardous gases like carbon monoxide, NOx and particulate matter. The absence of internal combustion engines makes their operation almost noise free. Furthermore, such a kind of vehicle which could be hired on hourly basis will prove to be of a great comfort for tourists and people who have to move around city quite often. They can do so very comfortably without being into the hassle of looking around for a taxi or other conveyance medium.

Blue car Disadvantages:

However, there are certain disadvantages or loopholes about this system. First of all, because of the space and traffic constraints, these cars are not as flexible as bicycles. So, it is a bit difficult for these cars to be an alternative for ‘Boris bikes’! Also, rental stations need separate space allocation and construction which may prove to be a costly affair. Same is the case with charging points. So, unless the locations are planned carefully, they will add up the chaos. Considering the above shortfalls, the availability of these vehicles may be limited to a few routes only.

To conclude, implementing such a scheme will definitely yield good result in the long run if certain precautionary measures are taken and is certainly a milestone in the future transportation of mankind!

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