Battista anniversario

Battista anniversario: the legend is back

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Automobili Pininfarina unveils Battista Anniversario.

The Battista anniversario electric hypercar is a tribute to legendary designer Batista 'Pinin' farina. This hypercar also marks the ninety years of Pininfarina coachbuilding and design house.

Anniversario side view
Anniversario side view

This new electric hypercar is a classic combination of Pininfarina design and unparalleled power. The zero-emission pure electric powertrain provides modern lining to the timeless design.

Furthermore, coach-builder decides to produce only five cars. So, you can only imagine the exclusive nature of this hypercar. It is, undoubtedly, the most powerful road car ever built and designed in Italy. It will be handcrafted by Pininfarina in Cambiano, Turin.

In addition, the Battista anniversario honors ninety years of Pininfarina design. It is also destined to become the most exclusive automobiles in the world. The anniversario takes the clues from pure electric Batista hyper GT. On top of that, it also adds some new level of dynamic ability and bespoke heritage. The whole experience perfectly integrates into body design and it becomes the part of the design itself.

Anniversario top view
Anniversario top view

My grandfather had a vision of a stand-alone range of Pininfarina branded cars. Batista anniversario marks the glorious link between our past and the future of motoring.

Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman, Pininfarina SpA.

Battista anniversario Design: Handcrafted Italian artistry

The finishing of each of the five cars will be in exclusive Pininfarina anniversary livery. It comprises of three signature colors. Bianco Sestriere, never seen before Grigio Antonelliano and signature Iconica Blu.

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