Bajaj Car fake message

Bajaj Car aka Qute: Is World’s cheapest car really launching in India Soon?

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Bajaj Car takes internet by storm in India:

Is Bajaj Car really launching in India? Earlier, we reported about Bajaj Auto developing a four-wheeled Quadricycle code-named as RE60 aka ‘Bajaj Qute’. While Bajaj Auto was silently working behind the scenes, the vehicle created a lot of curiosity among automotive enthusiasts & general public alike. And back then, Team CrankIT did spot a test mule on the road. We could not resist shooting a video featuring its test-run in India. You can read our article here.

However, the latest message being circulated on WhatsApp about its launching in India at an offer price of Rs.60,000/- is nothing but FAKE. The rumour mongers are spreading a false news about Bajaj launching the world’s cheapest car in India for Rs. 60,000/-. Unfortunately, the project is in litigation due to some reasons for a long time. Some companies approached Indian courts about the safety of the vehicle and the matter is being heard in the court. There is nothing on Bajaj's website about the online booking for the so called 'Bajaj Car'.

Bajaj Car Fake Message:

It is likely that you may have received the following forwarded message on your WhatsApp which reads 'World's Cheapest Car from BAJAJ, Rs 60,000. Online Booking Started Today Onwards'.... However, the news is FAKE. Unless Bajaj Auto sorts out the matter and the court grants its permission, the company will not be able to launch the car in India. The source of messages is not yet known. In fact, it is not exactly a car but a Quadricycle - Bajaj Qute.

Bajaj Car fake message
Bajaj Car fake message

Bajaj Auto currently only exports the Quadricycle to some countries in Europe, Africa, South America, and rest of Asia. In India, however, the launch of 'Bajaj Car' is not yet planned. The matter of legal status for quadricycles is still pending in the court. Some competitors of Bajaj Auto have dragged the matter to court challenging the car's safety. The matter remains undecided as yet.

The reason to write about the Qute now in 2017 is to stop the misinformation from circulation. The possibility of Bajaj launching the car in India for Rs. 60,000/- is unlikely. So, before you get goose-bumps about buying a new Bajaj Car that costs as much as a motorcycle you should verify the details and stop forwarding the said WhatsApp message.

For official information about Bajaj Qute, please click:

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