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How The Automatic HeadlampOn (AHO) Function Works? Explained

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Automatic HeadlampOn: The Key To Motorcycle Safety

Automatic HeadlampOn (AHO) is a functionality that will enhance the safety of two-wheelers. A large number of accidental deaths occur while riding the two-wheelers. Previously, motorcycle safety was the most neglected part of the country. But these days, most of the cities are going with mandatory helmets. Besides, the awareness among motorcycle riders is also increasing. Government Of India is mandating this feature in order to increase the rider's safety.

Automatic HeadlampOn Easy Identification
Automatic Headlamp On Easy Identification

Why Automatic Headlampon (AHO) is required?

Most of the motorcycle riding occurs in the daytime. However, as roads are widening, the speed of the four-wheeler/cars is also increasing at the same pace. It is becoming more and more difficult to identify the position of a motorcycle on the road and take judgment accordingly.

AHO helps to recognize the exact position of two-wheeler on the road. Particularly, it helps to identify the current position of the two-wheeler even at higher speeds. AHO has got same advantages in rainy, foggy and dusty condition as visibility becomes less.

It is more advantageous to powerful motorcycles during overtaking. Four wheeler drivers can recognize the motorcycle in the rear view mirror because of the reflection of the headlamps. At least, they will know something is coming from behind. Thus, AHO helps in reducing motorcycle accidents and increase the rider safety.

Working of Automatic Headlampon (AHO):

Automatic headlampon keeps the motorcycle headlamp on regardless of day or night. It starts when the motorcycle engine starts & it stops when the motorcycle engine stops. There is no headlamp switch either. There is no change in performance of the bulb or battery. The operation hours of the bulb remain the same. There is no additional service required as well. Regular checks at service intervals are enough to maintain the AHO.

Hence, AHO will surely increase the rider’s safety. It will also help in reducing the number of accidents on highways. The government is going in the right direction. It is a welcoming step towards the safety of the riding community in India.

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