Audi Q7 recall

Audi recalls its flagship SUV Q7

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Audi – the German luxury car-maker, has announced a recall of its flagship SUV Audi Q7. Nearly four hundred Audi Q7 SUVs are being recalled to rectify the problem with the brake system of the vehicle.

According to the information given by Audi India, this recall exercise which is a part of the global recall of approximately 70,000 vehicles, is limited only to the 3.0 Litre Diesel engine powered Q7. The vehicles which are manufactured between March to December 2012 are being recalled. Audi Dealers will contact the owners of the affected vehicles to schedule the appointment for vehicle check-up and part replacement which takes no more than 45 minutes.

The defect & corrective action:

Audi has observed that the defective vacuum line in the brake circuit may allow the engine oil to sip into the brake chamber thereby affecting the efficiency of brakes. Even in this condition, brakes would be operative also but it would require higher brake pedal effort. So, to resolve the problem, defective vacuum line will replaced and a further check of the brake system components will be carried out to ensure their proper functioning.

So far Audi has sold more than 5000 Q7 SUVs in India.

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