Arrival: A Start Of The New Era In EVs


Arrival: The zero-emission mobility solution is here

We hear a lot about different mobility solutions coming in the near future. However, it is the need of an hour to find out sustainable mobility solution with zero emissions. And, this is exactly what Arrival Ltd is currently doing. Arrival is a British American electric vehicle manufacturer in London. The company is working on different products since 2015.

Arrival Van
Arrival Van

Furthermore, the company is working on four new vehicle types, all set to launch in upcoming years starting from 2021. The products include a bus, a van, a large van, and a small vehicle. However, the theme remains the same. It is zero-emission transportation for an increasingly connected world.

In addition, the company has a radically different approach to manufacturing vehicles. Micro factories will manufacture these vehicles. Micro factories have a small footprint and very less construction time. Furthermore, these factories are easy to deploy worldwide, supporting local communities. So, less capital expenditure with higher productivity. As a result, you will get best-in-class products at a competitive price.

The company has in-house software and hardware with next-generation robotics. As a result, you can manufacture units at less cost. In addition, the entirely new process of manufacturing and robotic assembly eliminates the need for traditional manufacturing.

Arrival & Its Impact:

The automotive industry needs a radical impact beyond the limitations of the past. The all-new method of designing with local production will create an impact never seen before. The strong in-house vertically integrated technologies revolutionize design. In addition, the assembly in rapidly scalable small micro-factories will improve the local economy with sustainability.

Arrival Car
Arrival Car

Furthermore, such an approach to design and assembly creates a state-of-the-art product. You will also get a world-class experience at a mere price when comparing the prices with fossil fuel vehicles. In addition, the company is working with different businesses to create an ecosystem. This ecosystem will further enhance mobility experience and increase operational efficiency. As a result, you will get cleaner cities around the world.

The Technology:

The new type of vehicle needs an entirely new type of production. Arrival micro-factories will change the way how vehicles are manufactured. These micro-factories can be operational in less than six months. The less capital expenditure along with a small footprint creates easier deployment.

Arrival Microfactory
Arrival Microfactory

In addition, the decentralization of production creates all new opportunities. You can set up factories in existing commercial spaces or even in a warehouse. You can set up a factory where the demand lies. Additionally, you can customize according to regional needs. So, you can respond to changing demand faster than ever before.

Furthermore, the entirely new production process needs entirely new thinking on raw materials. So, more innovation in components, robotics, hardware, and software enables micro-factories to run seamlessly. The modular design with grid architecture enables quick assembly. All the components are plug-and-play. The new software improves efficiency and reduces the cost of production. Hence, smart and adaptable production is possible in micro-factories.

The use of lightweight composite materials reduces weight. These materials are durable and fully recyclable. So, you get efficiency, greater payload, and sustainability. Every design here suits the robotic assembly line. Right from components to materials come together in a single cell in an Arrival micro-factory.


We, as human beings, made a deteriorating impact on our ecology. We need a solution that can create transformation and make a radical impact. Hence, we need a solution to minimize the ecological crisis. Transportation causes a lot of emissions, polluting our surroundings. Arrival created a new vehicle that revolutionizes design and method of production. This method reduces costs in manufacturing EVs. So, EVs become more accessible to communities.

Furthermore, Arrival sets a new standard in global work on sustainability. So, it’s a circular ecosystem. Here the products are repairable, reusable, and recyclable. As a result, you will get low carbon emissions and a cleaner way of mobility. Additionally, decentralized production reduces supply chain costs by as much as 30%. Hence, lower emissions during production and supply.

In conclusion, Arrival is creating a new sustainable mobility solution. This solution transforms the entire production process, improving accessibility and sustainability together.

Watch How Arrival is changing the traditional automotive manufacturing:

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