ARAI Test facility (Image courtesy: ARAI)

ARAI Sets Up Crash Test Facility

Safety Gets Thumbs Up as India gets All-In-One Crash Test facility at Chakan near Pune

Getting serious about vehicle safety,  the Government of India will make it mandatory for all new vehicles to pass the frontal & side impact crash tests from October 2017. The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) has developed a comprehensive testing facility at Chakan, near Pune; to crash test the new vehicles. The new test facility offers a range of crash tests such as full-frontal impact, side impact and offset-frontal impact etc. From now on, all these tests can be carried out under one roof - for the first time in India. The setting up of the crash test facility has been done with funding from the government’s automotive regulatory body NATRiP; at an investment of around Rs. 210 Crore.

The ARAI Chakan Facility:

The crash testing infrastructure at ARAI’s Chakan campus is a division of its Passive Safety Lab. It consists of an electric motorised drive with a maximum payload capacity of 3.5 tonnes. It can push vehicles up to speeds of 80 km/hr. The vehicle’s full frontal crash test is carried out at speed between 48.5 km/h to 53 km/h – the range in which majority of the accident impacts occur. The side impact collision test is conducted at 50 km/h.

Side impact & Frontal impact test (Image courtesy: ARAI)
Side impact & Frontal impact test (Image courtesy: ARAI)

ARAI’s new plant will use camera pits for capturing the under-body view of the crash – at both full frontal and frontal offset testing facilities. These pits are fitted with advanced cameras that can capture images at up to 2000 frames per second. With this, the effect of the crash tests can be viewed in detail for further analysis. ARAI also has another speciality test facility featuring a static rollover crash test, which can support weight up to 25 tons and vehicles with longer wheelbase of upto 9000 mm (max.). The static rollover test rig is designed for a speed of 80 km/hr (max.).

Static Rollover Test (Image courtesy: ARAI)
Static Rollover Test (Image courtesy: ARAI)

All the crash tests are conducted in a controlled environment by using movable and deformable barriers. The crash test facility also includes a deceleration test sled for testing seats, door locks, seat belts, luggage retention etc. ARAI will deploy hybrid dummies in all the tests; to replicate and study the effects of impact on human beings. With the new crash test facility offering all tests, it will be helpful for the Indian automakers to study various aspects of their design and improve vehicle safety.

Hopefully, all the automakers in India will now give the safety a priority...!!!

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