ABS To Be Mandatory For Bikes Soon in India

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Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) To Be Mandatory for Bikes:

The ABS is a safety feature, very effective in controlling a vehicle especially on slippery roads when brakes are applied suddenly. It enhances the braking ability and reduces the chances of vehicle skidding as a result of wheels getting locked in sudden braking. The government of India is planning to make the Anti-Lock Braking System also mandatory on two-wheelers to increase road-safety of the riders.

ABS System Symbol
ABS System Symbol

Currently there are only a handful of bikes in India which feature ABS. The bikes which has the Anti-Lock Braking System fitted are TVS Apache RTR 180, Honda CB 1000R, Honda CBR 250R and KTM Duke 390 & RC 390.

Emphasizing on the road safety, the Indian government intends to introduce Anti-Lock Braking System for two-wheelers in a phased manner. The technology will be implemented gradually, starting with the two-wheelers with higher engine capacity and then expanding to the budget & low-end category commuter models once this technology is adapted by the manufacturers.

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