Funky car of 2018 Auto Expo

2018 Auto Expo Greater Noida: Funky Cars And Brands At The Auto Show

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Funky Cars at the 2018 Auto Expo:

2018 Auto Expo at Greater Noida just concluded. We bring you some of the funkiest cars from all big brands that featured at this year's Auto Show. From SUVs to Coupes to Sports Car.... You name it...!

Maruti Suzuki Future S at 2018 Auto Expo:

MSIL unveiled a futuristic concept car, the Maruti Suzuki Future S at the 2018 Auto Expo. A compact SUV, the Future S, represents Maruti Suzuki’s next level of design evolution. According to the manufacturer, the car manifests a perfect combo of design, proportions and body sculpting. It offers a stimulating fusion of bold patterns and accent colors.

The Future S maintains a curved silhouette which gives it a young, playful and urban character. The car has an upright stance which merges smoothly into the hood and rear slanting roof-line. Then, it joins the forward leaning rear windshield; giving the car seamless finish. With the high-seating body structure, the car looks tall which is a typical character of an SUV.

Some of the interesting design cues include the wrap-around A-Pillar that bonds with the door-sill and adds the ‘cool’ element to the car. Also, the body-to-glass proportion gives the Future S the typical SUV stance. Another concept car from Maruti Suzuki stable on the display was e-Survivor. However, the focus was mainly on Future S which drew attention.

Tata H5X at 2018 Auto Expo:

The H5X was Tata Motors’ show-stopper at the Auto Expo when home-grown carmaker showcased the concept SUV. It was the most stylish cars ever from the house of Tatas. This is exactly what Tata Motors’ fans have been looking for. Three cheers to Team Tata Motors for the H5X. The car looks no less than any leading brand in the world in terms of funky appeal. Therefore, it was undoubtedly a crowd-puller for sure.

Tata H5X closely resembles its high-end luxury branded sibling which is the Land Rover Evoque. Besides, the production version of the car will use Land Rover’s L550 platform. The display car had 22-inch alloy wheels and huge wheel arches which further endorse the SUV's stance. The slender and sharp LED headlights enhance the car’s aggressive look. The Tata’s trademark ‘humanity line’ seamlessly blends the headlights with front grille. Furthermore, the front bumper also gets unique styling with the fog lamp inserts that showcase Tata ‘Tri-Arrow’ design.

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