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2017 India Bike Week To Be Held On 24-25 November At Goa

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2017 India Bike Week Bookings Open:

The India Bike Week aka IBW is the biggest carnival for bikes and biking community in India. The 5th edition or the 2017 India Bike Week is being held at Vagator, Goa.  The event is scheduled for this year on November 24-25, 2017.

2017 India Bike Week
2017 India Bike Week

The festival which is being termed as the ‘Great Migration’ by its organisers; is just like the journey of thousands of migratory birds that takes place. Similarly, thousands of riders and bike enthusiasts of the Indian Biking community ride across the country will reach Goa to attend the 2017 India Bike Week. In fact, the organisers are expecting over 20,000 bikers to attend this event this year.

2017 India Bike Week Competitions:

As usual, this year’s 2017 India Bike Week will be full of fun and its theme is – Music, barbecues, bikini bike wash, beer gardens and much more. This year, India Bike Week and Harley Davidson will bring 'Flat Track' racing for the first time to India.

2017 India Bike Week
2017 India Bike Week

Here, you can put your limits to test & take the challenge to race on their homegrown flat track. It will test your endurance and off-road skills too. Besides, there will be biggest expo of bike accessories and performance parts from auto brands in India and world over.

2017 India Bike Week Events:

2017 India Bike Week will also hold the regular competition in ‘IBW Film Festival’ which features a platform to showcase your journey in a video. The participants will be able to showcase their work in short-films / videos to the audience. Apart from this, there will be events such as moto-art project, mod bike display, bike build-offs.

Also, you will have various bike brands to see and get a feel of. Furthermore, there will be an opportunity for all the innovators and makers in India to exhibit their talent in this IBW. If you are creator of a design/bike-tech, this is where you will be able to showcase your stuff.

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